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My role varies in the class room; everyday brings a new learning opportunity. I am currently working three full days a week with year six. A class made up of twenty three very bright, talented nine to ten year old boys and girls and there very inspiring and motivated teacher. Although I say I work three days but more often then not it turns into a full week. (The children have that affect on you!) On a normal day (term used loosely) I help set up the class room before the children come in and any photocopying or printing that needs to be done , I will try and have complete before or during registration. Morning would usually consist of numeracy work followed on by literacy. I like to listen and take notes on what the children will be learning, even though the class teacher emails me the exercises a day before. But I strongly believe that it’s very important to have subject knowledge to be able to support the children. After the main teaching in the morning the children are in set groups according there ability. I usually work with the lower ability or middle groups. Depending on how many teaching assistance we have in the class room. I take a group away and discuss what we have learned and then support the children through the questions. The children respond well to this for e.g. A pupil (9 year old girl) I was working with didn’t understand the lesson. She was too shy to put her hand up in the class and say that she didn’t understand. When we worked on a one to one basis outside of the class room, I was able to go over the lesson with the pupil and in turn she was able to confidently ask any questions without the pressure of having to talk in front of the whole class.

It is very important to relay information back to the class teacher and other support staff. Especially when working with children outside the class room. In the school I work for, every class...
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