Dystopian Tradition

Topics: Dystopia, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury Pages: 3 (1180 words) Published: January 20, 2014

Dystopian Tradition
Could you ever imagine living in a world that you thought was normal but the way other people saw it was completely different. Authors have tried to warn us about our future through literature. This is the intense genre of dystopias. They show what we could become, who we already are, or who we were. It comments on what we hope we don’t become, it plays with our minds. Shows us our doom. The stories that people write draw us in like fish out of water. We see and encounter different things we never thought we would encounter. Imagery that makes us come to our senses about what is happening. In movies, directors use angles, lighting, and shots to give the viewer emotion and draw them into the societal flaws shown throughout the movie. Dystopian literature and texts gives us the power to become critical of who we are as a society.

Ray Bradbury wrote a dystopia called Fahrenheit 451. In his dystopia he commented on the flaws in the current society and the flaws that might have happened in the future. He commented about our flaws through his style in his book. The style that he used was. One of the societal flaws that Bradbury comments on is how technology is going to control our lives and we won’t do anything without technology. For example in Fahrenheit 451 the people in Montag’s society cannot read books because it is illegal. Montag’s job is to burn the books so that people don’t read them. In this example Bradbury was commenting on the fact that we can depend on technology to survive. By using this example his style for this was very straight forward in telling the readers that we will only depend on technology in the future. He uses a very intense style throughout the story about the dependence on technology.

Another aspect of our dysfunctional society that Bradbury commented on was the fact that people have no social life with other people on the outside of their homes. The only time that Montag ever talked to someone was when he...
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