Dystopia: Garden of Eden and Utopia

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Critical Analysis Paper: Dystopia
Everyone has an ideal world in which they’d want to live in. Of course no one wants to live in a place in which there is violence, cruelty, bad energy etc. But, for some, in order to achieve their ideal perfection of a utopia; they must do anything in their power to get close to what they have envisioned there ideal place would be like. Sure, some may say there is no such thing as perfection, others think otherwise. With variety of opinions whether a utopia can exist there many conflicts too many opinions and believes. Filmed by the director Guillermo Del Toro “Pan’s Labyrinth, section of Walden by Henry Thoreau and Genesis three, shows how dystopia is introduced as the story goes along. Because so many want to achieve utopia, many believe that the idea of having a perfect society does not exist and eventually will turn into chaos.

In the movie Pan’s Labyrinth, the idea of a perfect utopia was displayed by one, going back to the years after the Spanish Civil War, in which “La guerilla” (the rebels) tries to fight the military of Spain. The purpose for the rebels to fight off the Regime was to oppose to the new government that wanted to control and create a New Spain. These rebels were not happy since they had different believes that the new government was strongly to oppose which was equality. Because both were displeased a war broke out and Spain was in war with itself. Both sides thought society could be run better if things either changed or stood the same. Having a war was a step of creating a utopia, but created a dystopia at the same time, for the simple fact that it created so much chaos and violence. There were many death, even, injured men who fought for their believes. Two, El Capitan Vidal who controls Spain’s military believes that fighting, things will go your way, he believes that they will give up due to the fact the rebels do not have enough food, armor nor enough men to win the battle. However not only does...
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