Dyslexia and Students

Topics: Dyslexia, Learning disability, Educational psychology Pages: 8 (2690 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Research Paper on Dyslexia for EDU 521

This is to educate teaching professional in the learning disability of dyslexia. Dyslexia is defined in the Farlex Free Medical Dictionary as, “A learning disorder marked by impairment of the ability to recognize and comprehend written words (Farlex, 2012). The same site also uses the definition as in psychological disorder of, “A developmental disorder which can cause learning difficulty in one or more of the areas of reading, writing, and numeracy nontechnical name word blindness (Farlex, 2012)”. Introduction

“The diagnosis of dyslexia is cause by a specific neurological disorder of the brain” (Galaburda 2005). Years ago in the 1960’s it was then thought that if a patch was put over one eye that it would help, but it proved to be wrong. The action for the brain disarray was not an ophthalmic problem with sight. The brain takes the signals that it acknowledged and was spinning it about to not make any sense to the person who reads it. In my study I have found that there are a rather lengthy list of signs and symptoms of diagnosing dyslexia in as young as two to three years of age. Domain 1B Demonstrating Knowledge of Students

In public schools in America, the expressions of reading disability and learning disability are generally more likely to be called or referred to than dyslexia. Wadlington stated that this is because most states do not currently have programs in place or are not yet developed planning specifically addressing the dyslexia disorder. Those states thatare addressing it may have to include it into their already stretched budgets of funding for instruction (Wadlington, 2006)”

In Danielson’s Framework for Professional Practice in Domain 1B: Demonstrating Knowledge of Students its framework states the different proficiency ratings. To meet proficient the, “Teacher displays accurate understanding of the typical developmental characteristics of the age group, as well as exceptions to the general patterns” (Danielson, 2007)”. Teacher recognizes the value of understand students’ skills, knowledge, and language proficiency and displays this knowledge for groups of students (Danielson, 2007)”. To meet the more distinguished and best of teaching preparations then, “In addition to accurate knowledge of the typical developmental characteristics of the age group and exceptions and exceptions to the general patterns, teacher displays knowledge of the extent to which individual students follow the general patterns (Danielson, 2007). In being a distinguished instructor in the knowledge of students’ knowledge and language proficiency the following outline must be performed and shown. “(The) teacher displays understanding of individual students’ skills, knowledge, and language proficiency and has a strategy for maintaining such information (Danielson, 2007)”.

“In the college setting, the instructors in subjects of general education, on average, imply that dyslexia is a special education issue, and special education instructors see dyslexia as a general education problem. For this reason, dyslexia is often measured as a minor problem that is beyond the scope of the regular classroom, but not serious enough to merit special education services (Wadlington, E and Wadlington P., 2005)”.

Domain 1d Demonstrating knowledge of Resources
Concerning the Federal laws and statures concerning this I will refer to the paperWhat Teachers Need to Know, written by Joan Williams and Sharon Lynch. The federal laws addressing learners with disabilities—the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act ([IDEA] 2004) and the earlier Education of All Handicapped Children Act (1975)—both addressed dyslexia under the category of learning disabilities. According to IDEA § 300.8 (c) (10), a specific learning disability is defined as follows: (i) General. Specific learning disability means a...
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