Dysfunctional Thought Record

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Dysfunctional Thought Record

Hello and good day to everyone, today ill be commenting on Dysfunctional Thought Records, discussing dysfunctional thoughts and ways to develop healthier responses in functioning. Imagine that you sought treatment for depression and learned to construe events more positively and to curb your all or nothing thinking. Imagine that your therapist also helps to identify activities and behaviors that would promote greater fulfillment and lessen your depression. Therapist Aaron Beck often encourages his clients to record their thoughts in a thought journal. When a client notices their mood getting worse, they ask themselves, “what is going through my mind right now?” then as soon as possible they jot down the thought or mental image in the automatic thought column. Then the client with the therapist can compare the thoughts with reality, detecting and correcting faulty thinking.
In Therapist Aaron Beck’s cognitive-behavior therapy, clients are first taught to recognize and keep track of their thoughts. Then the therapist trains the client to develop ways to test these automatic thoughts against reality. This first approach helps the client to recognize that these negative attitudes are a product of unrealistic or faulty thought process. For example the first step in overcoming negative thoughts is to become aware of the thoughts, and of their effects. Negative thoughts make you feel bad - anxious, sad, depressed, hopeless, guilty, angry. Instead of being overwhelmed by these feelings, you can learn to use them as a cue for action. Notice when your mood changes for the worse, and look back at what was running through your mind at that moment. In the second phase of the therapy clients are encouraged to actively pursue pleasurable activities. Taking an active rather than a passive role and reconnecting with enjoyable experiences help in recovering and reconnecting.

Thoughts can trap you in a vicious circle. The more...
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