Dynamo Industries - Selection of Plant Manager

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  • Published : January 13, 2010
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Dynamo Industries, a medium sized firm manufacturing electrical motors in its various plants across USA is to recruit a plant manager for its Pittsburgh plant. The Pittsburgh plant has been facing issues like higher production costs, work slowdowns and a demotivated workforce due to which the last plant manger was asked to leave. Dynamo Industries is now looking to hire a new plant manager for the Pittsburgh plant. After a thorough screening using some expensive selection devices, the company has shortlisted 8 candidates. The task is to select one candidate out of these eight shortlisted for the role of the plant manager.

The plant manager reports to Vice President (Production). He is responsible for the operating efficiency of the plant. He should be good at people management skills and knowledgeable of production methods and equipment. He is also directly or indirectly responsible for procuring materials, quality control, budgeting, plant maintenance, establishing safety regulations and union management and contract negotiations.

As the plant is facing two major issues in terms of higher production cost and poor worker relations, the candidate should possess good interpersonal skills as well as knowledge on production processes and management techniques. It would definitely be an advantage if the candidate is promoted within the ranks as this sends good signal within the organisation about opportunities for personal growth for the employees.

NameAgeSexEducationYears of ExperienceEmployee of DynamoPositivesNegatives George Martin44MaleBA: MA(Industrial Relations)> 14 years. Last 6 years as a plant managerNo Tony Caciopo59MaleHigh School Graduate> 24 years. Last 10 years as Assistant MangerYesConsidered for promotion in pastHealth Issues Kathy Joyce36FemaleBA> 5...
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