Dynamite Won’t Explode Without Fire

Topics: Philippines, José Rizal, Philippine Revolution Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Dynamite won’t explode without fire

There were two men of different worlds – the first one is a writer, the other is a farmer. Both of them fought for one reason – freedom of their country. The first one used ink to demoralize the enemy and lit the fire on his countrymen’s heart; while the latter used swords with the hope of defeating the conquerors. These two valiant men both died for their native land. Dr. Jose Rizal represents the ink, while Andres Bonifacio stands for the sword.

More than a century had passed; and the reason of their death is now being enjoyed by the Filipinos. Dr. Jose Rizal was proclaimed as the National hero, and Andres Bonifacio’s birthday is also being celebrated every 30th of November. Certainly, their memories were not forgotten, but along with it is the question that never dies throughout the century: Who should be the National Hero, is it really Rizal or should it be Bonifacio?

Pro-Bonifacios proclaim him to be the National Hero for the following reasons: He is a pure-blooded Filipino, it was him who put Rizal’s idea of freedom into action, and he symbolizes Juan dela Cruz – poor, low but will fight until the last drop of blood.

Andres Bonifacio was the son of Santiago Bonifacio and Catalina de Castro, both were pure-blooded Filipinos. When his parents died, he was forced to work for himself and for his younger siblings. He sells paper fans and wooden canes in the streets and later on became a clerk-messenger for Fleming and Company. Though he wasn’t blessed with formal education, he managed to learn how to read and write in Tagalog and Spanish. He loved reading books about French Revolution, and also had read the works of Dr. Jose Rizal, in which he felt his flaming desire to fight the Spaniards. He later on joined La Liga Filipina, an organization formed by Jose Rizal with aim of uniting the nationalist movements. Unfortunately, Rizal was arrested and La Liga Filipina was destroyed. But Bonifacio continued the fight; he...
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