Dynamite Fishing

Topics: Coral reef, Fish, Fishing Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Dynamite Fishing
The ocean is one of the most important & essential ecosystem in human life. It contains many organisms, such as fishes, squids, shellfishes, & seaweeds, which are one of the most important food sources for humans. Not only that, in the ocean you can also find corals & pearl clam, which is an important & valuable industrial goods. We can say that ocean gave life to us with all that it contains inside it. We can make use of anything from it. Still, some people just can’t be grateful enough with everything the ocean gave us. Because the market demands for fish are large & will continue to grow, many fishermen use this opportunity to harvest fishes as much as they could. Because of their greed, they will do anything to harvest the fishes, not thinking about the side effects. One of the methods they use is dynamite fishing. Dynamite fishing is a method where fishermen use dynamites to kill fishes and then harvest them. So when they find a school of fishes, they drop the dynamite, where it will explode, killing the fishes, and then harvest the dead fishes. This method proved to be more effective than using fishnets. More fish can be harvested in a shorter time, which means more money can be earned faster. However, this method has it down sides. Using dynamites means killing not only adult fishes, but the fries too. This way the population of the fishes will likely to decrease twice more than using fishnets. Dynamite fishing can also destroy corals, which is the natural habitat of fishes. More corals destroyed means more difficult for fishes to find a place to live & to reproduce. Because of the side effects, dynamite fishing causes pros & cons among us. Fishermen approve dynamite fishing. Their reason is that due to market demands & monetary crisis, they need a method to increase their income by adding their output from fishing. They choose dynamite fishing because it costs a little & it proves to be much more effective than using fishnets, ignoring...
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