Dynamic Open House

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Running head: Team 2: DYNAMIC OPEN HOUSE

Team 2: Dynamic Open House Project
Design Approach – WIN 508
Team 2:
Michael Beaton
John G. Bell
Scott Traynor

Antioch University Seattle

Table of Contents
Design Process3
Designer-Client Conversations4
Design Elements7
Room Use – Program Dividers and Breakout Rooms7
Presentation – PowerPoint and Video10
Graphics – Large Scale and Flyers13
Other design elements17

The Center for Creative Change (C3) periodically puts on an “Open House”. The Open House is a 2-hour presentation to prospective graduate students, to both answer their questions and to excite them about the opportunity that C3 provides. While the current Open House is adequate there is a sense that it is could be better. Toward this goal, the clients have engaged the design team to facilitate the development of ideas that will reinvigorate the Open House presentation. As clients, Wendy Olsen and Farouk Seif represent C3 and Antioch. Design Team2 is comprised of John Bell, Scott Traynor and Michael Beaton. The team met twice with the Wendy Olsen and once with Farouk. The clients and the design team used collaboration and lively discussion to develop design goals, criteria and constraints. The design team used these goals, criteria and constraints to develop the following proposal.

Design Process
The design team worked to identify characteristics of the current Open House through conversations with the clients about the Open House, the design team’s own student experience and focus groups that had been conducted in a previous quarter. Elements of the existing Open House and of the Antioch experience were taken as examples from which specific qualities could be discerned. These specific qualities were goals, criteria and constraints that the design team explored during the design process. The design team entered the collaborative process with an experiential, ethnographic approach. Designer-Client Conversations

During our conversations we explored the open house as it currently is presented as a basis for inquiring into the intent and purpose of the Open House. Two overall design elements, that inform our entire project, were derived. These are information and excitement. Information

The open house should provide information. The primary way this would be done is to anticipate questions and attempt to develop design elements that best supported that purpose. Another aspect of providing information that is often overlooked is to help participants develop and articulate new questions they may not have known to ask. In many cases it will not be possible to answer all the questions for each student in the 2 hours available for the Open House. It is important to provide direction on how to get answers to those questions. Excitement

An important goal of the open house is to general excitement for the participants. The potential students should be excited about Antioch and the opportunity to enroll. Further, the faculty and staff should be excited by the chance to do something worthwhile during the open house presentation. Constraints

The design team identified several constraints
• Time – The open house happens on a single day, in the same week as other presentations. There must be some activity for the 2 hours scheduled. Activities before and after are possible. • Place – The open house happens at Antioch, in room 100. Some open house presentations use breakout rooms. • Budget – There is not unlimited funds. There are funds available for ‘one time’ expenses. There are additional C3 specific funds available, as well as the budget provided by the University itself. Criteria

• The presentation must feature C3 as a whole as well as provide information about the specific degree and certificate programs available. • Service as marketing
• Concise
• Linking / framework / themes
• The open house...
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