Dynamic Learning Program

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  • Published: March 17, 2013
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Dynamic Learning Program
“Learning by doing” and ” Road map and a compass for learning”.

The Dynamic Learning Program works on the principle of “learning is by doing”, it is student-centered, it’s a system of teaching that focuses on student activity rather than on traditional classroom lectures. The set-up is 70% student activity–30% lecture/discussion, and usually national experts do the majority of the lectures via video. The students learn independently, because each activity is provided with a clear, learning target.

The student will try to understand the lesson on their own by reading the concept notes and by doing the exercises before the lesson is discussed and explained. Some examples of student activities are solving exercises, answering guide questions and copying notes. Each student keeps a portfolio of his work as a representative documentation of his schoolwork. This would later on serve as his reviewer and proof also of his performance in school.

For school year 2010-11, Arellano University forged a Memorandum of Agreement with the Bernidos to implement the DLP in all high school department and some of their colleges of the university.

Faced with the challenges of basic education in the country, in 2002 the Bernidos developed and implemented the CVIF-Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) as a means to improve student performance.  On its first year of implementation, four (4) seniors of CVIF were able to pass the UP college admission test.  This number continued to rise until its 6th year of implementation where 10% of CVIF’s graduating students were UPCAT passers.  Up until the present, CVIF maintains its track record of an average of 10% of its graduating students passing the UP entrance exams.  Furthermore, from having only one (1) student entering the 90 percentile and above in the DepED nationwide exam before the implementation of DLP in 2001, the number of CVIF students...
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