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Dynamic Federalism- Canada and Germany

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Dynamic Federalism- Canada and Germany

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  • November 2012
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Dynamic Federalism—Canada and Germany
Sean David Weeks
Ottawa University
December 20th, 2012

Within a federation, the inevitability of interdependence and intergovernmental interaction from various levels of government is generally present. With this being said, the distinct fashion and extent to which a country chooses to orchestrate their intergovernmental relations often dictates the distinct federal dynamics within that geographical constituent. Intergovernmental collaboration is said to serve two important purposes; namely, conflict resolution as well as a means of adapting to and/or changing certain domestic circumstances. The ways in which each country approaches certain conflict or adaptation in terms of reaching a feasible resolution also plays an important role in regards to shaping the unique federal characteristics of various countries; such as Canada and Germany, who each have very distinct intergovernmental federal choreography that in turn produce unique federal dynamics. Moreover, intergovernmental relations can be explained as the relationship between the federal and unit governments, as well as the inter-unit relations that occur within federations. These inter-unit and federal/unit government relations that occur are often sources of abrasion or in other words sources of internal disagreements in regards to intergovernmental relations. The ways in which intergovernmental relations are handled, often dictates how smooth internal operations flow; thus, also playing an important role in shaping internal federal dynamic. Canada and Germany are both extremely unique countries when it comes to the formation and orchestration of federal dynamics. The two countries tackle intergovernmental policy in a congruent fashion in various areas of domestic interest however; greatly differ overall in other areas such as the federal distribution or separation of powers and governmental interaction. All examples of intergovernmental interaction stated...

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