Dvantages and Disadvantages

Topics: City, Urban area, Village Pages: 9 (3444 words) Published: February 7, 2012
Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, but I choose living in the city!!!

In the countryside, the air is very clean and is unpolluted because only a little amount of people have cars and whatsoever. The animals that you can eat are very healthy and fresh. There is not much of pollution, either.

But living in the countryside also has its disadvantages. The most noticeable is that there is no proper constructions, such as bridges and street lamps, which provides some inconvenience. There are also only quite a few number of buildings, which means less buildings to go to.

While in the city, there are many buildings you can go to, which can be very convenient if you need something. The city also offers advanced technology. Many of the items there are very high-tech and much more reliable.

On the other hand, it also has its own disadvantages. One of them is the pollution. Pollution of land, which is caused by littering. Pollution of water, which is caused by the throwing of chemicals and garbages in the water and lastly, pollution of air, which is caused by the ever-so-growing population of people having cars. The food is not very fresh, because most of the food comes from the countryside, which takes hours to travel. The air also is not very fresh like the one in the countryside. I would highly suggest living in the country side. Yes there are the convenient reasons for living in the city, but in the country side there are health benefits, which a lot of people don't always account for. Recent studies prove that heart issues and complications are directly related to living in a congested city with the stress and pollution. In the country side there are no health risks that can greatly affect and harm your heart. In the city, it's dangerous, crowded, stressful, polluted, crime rates are higher, there's food everywhere you turn and car traffic. In the country side you can find peace, quiet, soothing environments, less pollution, smaller communities that build better relationships with one another. In Japan, the country is built on small communities and people in Japan live longer then any other group of people in the world, and many scientist link the Japanese people living so long to the tight knit communities, which is what on can find in the country side. These are the reasons I would live in the country or the mountains and not in a big city like New York or London. Where is it better to live, the city or the countryside ? The answer to this question would probably  depend on, where you are coming from and what you want out of your life. If you are at the start of your working life,  it may be better for most people, to be based in the city. There are more job opportunities and you are closer to local amenities and social activity sites. There is also more choice for all of these things, as the majority of these are based in the cities. [pic]There is a faster pace of life in the city, as prompt service is expected. It takes less time to organise things as time in a city environment, tends to be limited. People are busy and free time is precious, so people like to do as much as they can, as quickly as they can. Some people actively seek a fast paced life, they enjoy the hustle and bustle. Material things are important to them and a way they can acquire them is to work hard. The opportunities for career advancement are more plentiful in the city, so it makes sense for them to be based there. Other people seek a more relaxed atmosphere, where they can take time out to smell the roses! They may have lived in the countryside all their lives and have a deep love for nature;or they may have decided a fast paced city life is no longer for them. They may be farmers or they may be writers or something completely different. They may like to visit the city occasionally, but prefer to spend most of their time in the countryside. There are certainly many advantages to living a simpler lifestyle, and there are...
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