Duty of Care Learning Disabilities

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Duty of Care

Q2.“Do you feel that the nurses caring for Scott fulfilled the duty of care
that was owed him?

The NMC: The Code requires nurses and midwifes to treat people as individuals. They must treat them kindly with consideration and respect their dignity. They must act as an advocate for people in their care and provide them with support and information access to health and social care needs.

I don’t feel that Scott was treated in this way. According to Scott he was not given enough information regarding his health and treatment when he awoke form his operation. This suggests that he was not treated kindly or with consideration. It also suggest that he was not treated as an individual because he felt that he was refused information because of he has a learning disability. He points out in his letter of complaint that strangers in the bed next to him where given more information about his condition than he was. This is not protecting or respecting the individuals dignity or confidentiality. It also shows that Scott was discriminated against because of his learnig disabilities. The Code: tells us that nurses and midwifes must not discriminate in any way against people in their care.

The Code shows us that nurses and midwifes must respect people right to confidentiality, this was shown in Scott’s letter that this was not the case as the people in the beds’ next to him where told more about his condition and treatment than he was.

The Code also points out that nurses and midwifes must ensure that people are informed about other services and support and are given access to these. As Scott says he was depressed after his mothers death. Should the nursing staff that had the duty of care over Scott, provided services and support on the information that was given to them on his feeling of grief at the loss of his mother. They did not talk to him about it because they did not know what to say. If the nursing staff did not know how to...
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