Duties of a Student

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THE RENSSELAER HANDBOOK OF STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES 2010 - 2012 http://www.rpi.edu/dept/doso/StudentHandbook2010-2012.pdf

STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Student Bill of Rights Article I: Name and Purpose Article II: Freedom of Access to Higher Education at Rensselaer Article III: Student – Teacher Relationship Article IV: Confidentiality of Student Records Article V: Freedom in Student Life Article VI: Off-Campus Freedom of Students Article VII: Procedural Standards in Disciplinary Proceedings Student Rights in the Classroom Student Conduct for Individuals and Groups Grounds for Disciplinary Action Jurisdiction within the Rensselaer Judicial System Components of the Judicial System Legal Counsel Types of Disciplinary Action ADDITIONAL POLICIES Academic Dishonesty Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Policy Alcohol and Other Drugs

3 3 3 4 4 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 9 12 12 14 17 18 20 21 22 23 23 24 24 24 25 25 25 25 26 26 29

Involuntary Withdrawal for Drug Addiction (Approved, July 30, 2010) Good Samaritan Policy (Applicable ONLY to Alcohol & Drug related incidents) Computer Use at Rensselaer Technology and Intellectual Property

(Online Policy: http://www.rpi.edu/dept/cct/apps/studenthealth/docs/RevisedAlcoholDrugPolicy.pdf)

(Online Policy: http://www.rpi.edu/web/comec)

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Fire Alarms and Procedures Hazing Exotic Dancers Fog Events Campus Card (ID) Involuntary Leaves and Withdrawals Leaves of Absence After Significant Physical or Emotional Trauma or Illness Parking Rules and Regulations Rules for Maintenance of Public Order Notice Pursuant to the “Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act” and Campus Crime Reporting and Statistics

(Online Policy: http://www.rpitechnology.com/files/ip_policy.pdf)

(Online Policy: http://www.rpi.edu/dept/parking)

Sexual Assault Policy Sexual Harassment Policy Sign Policy (Approved, April 8, 2010) Tobacco Use Policy (Approved, July 1, 2010) Steam Tunnels Use of Institute Buildings and Facilities RENSSELAER UNION POLICIES INDEX August 2010

(Online, Campus Crime Statistics: http://www.ope.ed.gov/security/search.asp) (Online, NY Sex Offender Registry: http://criminaljustice.state.ny.us/nsor/index.htm) (Online, Connecticut Sex Offender Registry: http://www.communitynotification.com) 29 30 32 34 34 34 35 37

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Rensselaer admits qualified students without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, national origin, citizenship status, disability, military status, veteran status, prior criminal convictions, genetic information, genetic predisposition, domestic violence victim, or any other basis prohibited by law. Rules and regulations, as described in the current The Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities, are further conditions of occupancy for all residents in campus

housing. In addition, the current room and board agreements and apartment agreements list contractual understandings and obligations between Rensselaer and students in residence. It is each student’s obligation to be familiar with these policies. Notice regarding changes: Rensselaer reserves the right to change the tuition and fees, room and board costs, rules governing admission, occupancy of residence facilities, granting degrees, or any other regulation or policy affecting its students, including this handbook. Such changes take effect whenever Rensselaer authorities deem necessary whether or not there is actual notice to individual students. Rensselaer also reserves the right to exclude at any time students whose academic record is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is found to be detrimental to the orderly functioning of the Institute. All information in this publication pertains to the academic years noted, to the extent that information was available at press time.

The Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities is an official...
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