Duties of an Employee

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Section 4(b)(ii)--- MANUAL NO (ii).
The Powers and duties of officers and employees: The Powers and duties of the officers and employees of the Department are as per the Meghalaya Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure 1993 published by Personnel and Administrative Reforms Cell, Govt. of Meghalaya. The executive powers of the officers of the Department are as per the Rules of Executive business of the State of Meghalaya, framed under Clause 2 & 3 of Article 166 of the Constitution of India. The Administrative powers are guided by the Meghalaya Secretariat Manual of Office procedure, the Fundamental Rules, Subsidiary Rules 1984, and also as per the General Handbook of circulars and others Rules and Regulations adapted/enacted from time to time in the Government. The financial powers are as per the Meghalaya financial rules 1981, the Delegation of Financial Power Rules 1981, The Meghalaya traveling allowance rules 1985.

The powers and duties of officers/staff of the Department at the Secretariat level are as under A. Principal Secretary, / Commissioner & Secretary, Designation Principal Secretary A.H. & Vety Powers Administrative He is the Head of Administrative Department and is the Principal Adviser to the Minister in all matters of policy decision and administration .He exercise full power for the effective functioning of the Department. He is directly responsible for the implementation of all development programmes/ scheme As per DFP Rules, Meghalaya Financial Rules, Any other duties not indicate above As per Meghalaya Secretariat Manual of office procedure.

Financial Others Duties Designation Comissioner & Secretary Powers Administrative Financial Others Duties

To Assist the Principal Secretary A. H. & Vety As per Delegation of Financial Powers (DFP) Rules Any other duties not indicate above As per Meghalaya Secretariat Manual of Office Procedures.

B. The Meghalaya Secretariat Manual specify the duties of the Under Secretary, Superintendent, etc as below.* Duties of a Branch Officer/Under Secretary – The Branch is in-charge of one of more Branches. He is responsible for efficient functioning of the Branch under him. An illustrative list of his duties is given below :1) to be responsible for prompt disposal of work in the Branch; 2) to go through the dak and give directions to office for its disposal; 3) to deal with urgent or important receipt himself and to dispose of as may cases as possible on his own initiative and responsibility after discussion with higher officers; 4) to submit important receipts at dak stage to higher officers; 5) to keep a watch over timely submission of weekly and monthly arrear lists and other returns and scrutinize them; 6) to allocate subjects to Assistants in consultation with the Superintendent; 7) to make surprise visits to the Branch to check attendance and to see that other instructions are correctly observed; 8) to inspect the Branch once in six months and submit and inspection note to the Secretary; 9) to keep himself acquainted with the morale and conduct of the staff working under him; 10) to discuss with the Superintendent from time to time measures necessary to expedite disposal for improvement of business in the Branch; 11) to deal with any other work assigned by the higher officers. Duties of a Superintendent – The Superintendent is directly in-charge of the Branch under him and is responsible to his Branch Officer. His duties are:1) to see that the Branch is kept neat and tidy and that files, papers etc. are arranged in an orderly manner; 2) to see the maintenance of discipline among and punctuality in attendance of the staff in his Branch;

3) to see to the training of the Assistants under him; 4) to see that the Attendance Register is maintained correctly and submitted to the Branch Officer in due time; 5) to maintain and up-to-date distribution list of work among the Assistants in the Branch; and to see that the work of the branch is uniformly distributed...
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