Duties and Responsibilities

Topics: Education, Assessment, Sociological terms Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: June 12, 2012
Professional responsibility is acting toward students in a way that is ethical and consistent with one’s role as a professional person. I will explain the professional duties and responsibilities a classroom teacher must discharge in assessment as well as, four responsibilities of students in assessment.

The professional duties and responsibilities that a classroom teacher must discharge in the assessment process are to inform students of their rights and responsibilities, let them be aware of materials available, let students with disabilities know their entitlements/available accommodations and the steps taken to prevent dishonesty. The six categories of responsibilities for teachers are:

1. Crafting assessment procedures – Teachers who develop their own assessment procedures, have a responsibility to ensure they are of high quality. For e.g. there should be a balance of group work and individual work, self – assessment and feedback and revision.

2. Choosing assessment procedures – When selecting assessment procedures that others have crafted, it is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure it is appropriate for their intended use. For e.g. I think it would be a good idea to use another's assessment as a start, and change, add, or delete the items that you think are important or unimportant.

3. Administering assessment procedures – It is the teachers responsibility to ensure that the administration process is fair to all students by giving advance notice, complete information about assessment and condition under which it will be given and encourage each to do their best. For e.g. this includes when, where, specific format used, time limit, material covered, etc.

4. Scoring assessment results – Evaluate the responses accurately and to report the results to students in a timely manner. For e.g. this may be done by using student numbers as opposed to names, or having the student write the name on the back of the paper, so the teacher is...
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