Dutch Dbq

Topics: Dutch East India Company, North Sea, Dutch Republic Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: December 22, 2011
Challenges the Dutch faced were due to a series of European wars, internal disunity and conflict, and a loss of trade dominance and economic prosperity.

Threatened by the Dutch trading monopolies, France and England went to war with the Dutch and won.  In all the Anglo-Dutch wars, the English defeated the Dutch and according to the "Estimated Losses to Merchant Shipping in Three Anglo - Dutch Wars 1652-1574", seized 2000-2700 ships, compared to the Dutch, who captured 500 ships. The Anglo-Dutch wars damaged the Dutch trade. According to “the  Resolution of the Amsterdam City Council, 1671” the French and Other European kings' need to “take over part of it for themselves” increased, the urge for war in order to break the dutch monopoly and open the Baltic and Atlantic for themselves threatening the security of the dutch.   Konrad Van Beuningen, Dutch ambassador to England, wrote in a letter to the government of the Dutch Republic accurately reflecting the concerns and reality as seen by the Dutch governers during the war. As the Embassador he would have had meetings with the government officials of England throughout theses wars giving him knowledge about the intentions of the English. In his letter he warned the dutch government about the Englishes’ intention to continuing the wars to weaken the dutch and overwhelm and/or destroy their lands. POV “The treaty of Dover 1670”  supports this with the layed out plan of attack for the English and French for  the Anglo - Dutch war. and reflected the actions and plans of the kings to weaken the dutch posing a threat to their security.

Internal disunity in the Dutch Republic between the 7 provinces were due to the power structure.  Most of the provinces exception Holland were poor and weak individually as supported by Sir George Downing the English Embassador to the Republic who would have worked close with the other government officials of all the provinces. The gap in wealth affected the nations ability to...
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