Dutch Culture Unique to Other Western European Countries

Topics: Netherlands, Dutch people, Belgium Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Dutch culture is unique to other Western European cultures. The Dutch culture primarily inhabits the small country known as Holland or the Netherlands in Western Europe, sitting just north of France. Origins of the Dutch are traced back to an ancient tribe known as the ‘Batavii’ or ‘Batavians’ who are the ancestors for the modern Dutch race, many Batavian cultural traditions are still practiced by the Dutch today especially in the South of Holland. Southern Holland tends to be much more cultural than the North, people in the South have much stricter families and customs. Holland is primarily a Christian country, with Roman Catholic being the prominent religion. Religion in the Netherlands plays a big part in the day-to-day life of its people, in a Dutch household praying is done before every meal and the family attends church for at least one mass each week, this is usually done on Sunday mornings. People who don’t know much about the Dutch culture find it strange how Dutch people are given two names. The reason for this is that they use a short name when socialising with people who they don’t know well in day-to-day life. Their other name tends to be more traditional and usually has a meaning, this is used with close friends, family, and within religious practises. Social groups in the Netherlands consist of the following. There are the rich who live in large houses and enjoy plentiful luxuries. The most common social group within Holland are the people who live in smaller houses, they don’t enjoy too many luxuries as most Dutch people are notorious for saving all their money. Within all social groups of Dutch people a generalisation can be made that in a family men are the ‘bread-winners’, married women usually don’t work which gives them more time to raise the children. Boys also tend to start work at a young age, usually before becoming a teenager their parents will send them off to look for a job so that they can help with money and learn the value of it....
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