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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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Chapter 1

Bangla Bank Limited (the Bank) is a scheduled commercial bank. The Bank was established under the Bank Companies Act 1991 and incorporated as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1994 in Bangladesh with the primary objective to carry on all kinds of banking business in Bangladesh. The Bank is listed with Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited. DBBL- a Bangladesh European private joint venture scheduled commercial bank commenced formal operation from June 3, 1996. Mission:

Dutch-Bangla Bank engineers enterprise and creativity in business and industry with a commitment to social responsibility. "Profits alone" do not hold a central focus in the Bank's operation; because "man does not live by bread and butter alone"

Dutch-Bangla Bank dreams of better Bangladesh, where arts and letters, sports and athletics, music and entertainment, science and education, health and hygiene, clean and pollution free environment and above all a society based on morality and ethics make all our lives worth living. DBBL's essence and ethos rest on a cosmos of creativity and the marvel-magic of a charmed life that abounds with spirit of life and adventures that contributes towards human development

Core Objectives
Dutch-Bangla Bank believes in its uncompromising commitment to fulfill its customer needs and satisfaction and to become their first choice in banking. Taking cue from its pool esteemed clientele, Dutch-Bangla Bank intends to pave the way for a new era in banking that upholds and epitomizes its vaunted marques "Your Trusted Partner". Dutch

Chapter # 2

Theory aspect of Ethics and Business Ethics
• A Branches of philosophy
• Deals fundamentally with the rules of Human Conduct from Moral point of view ( Whether it is in Business, politics or private life) • Explains why some behavior is morally good or praise worthy and why another behavior.

Different Meanings of Philosophy:
i. Philosophy is a Love of knowledge. Two Greek words “philos” , “Sophia” ‘Philos’-love & ‘sophia’- knowledge. So philosophy is a love of knowledge. ii. Philosophy is an activity.
• A mental activity of thinking about life.
• Not a panacea for the problems for the men but emerges out of life. iii. Philosophy is a comprehensive picture of the universe. • Offer an organized and systematic knowledge of the universes. • Science of all science.

iv. Philosophy is guide.
• Offers a design for living.
Examples: Muslim philosophy, Hindu philosophy, Buddhism, etc

Philosophy practice in Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Moral perspective:
There are many moral philosophies & each one is complex. The most common and basic concepts & philosophies win be discussed which are needed to help one understand the ethical decision making process in Dutch Bangla Bank Limited in Bangladesh. The different types of moral philosophies:

The Dutch Bangla Bank Limited follows the three types of moral philosophies such as – 1. Teleology
2. Deontology
3. Relativist

It refers to moral philosophies in which an act is ~6i~dered morally right or acceptable if it produces some desired results for example pleasure, knowledge, career growth, realization of self- interest, or utility. It assess the moral worth of behavior by looking at its consequences. It refers to those theories as consequentially. The two most important teleology philosophies that often guide decision making in business are Egoism and Utilitarianism.

It defined right or acceptable actions or behavior as those that maximize a particular persons self interest as defined by individually of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited.

It as defines right or acceptable actions behavior as those that maximize total utility or the greatest good for the greatest number of people....
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