Dusit Thani Manila

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“Hotel and Restaurant Practicum Report”


Dusit Thani Manila
Ayala Center, 1223 Makati City, Philippines
October 22, 2012 to January 16, 2013

“In partial fulfillment of the requirement of the subject” Course No. and Title

“for the degree in”
Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Department’s Name
College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
University of the Assumption
Unisite Subdivision, Del Pilar, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

“Submitted to”
Ms. Grace Pelayo
Ms. May S. Sitchon

“Submitted by”
Christian Dave M. Cruz
#108 San Jose, Santa Rita, Pampanga, Philippines
Mobile Number: (0927) – 580 – 5271

“Submitted on”
February 01, 2013
Approval Sheet

This journal entitled “PRACTICUM REPORT” :Training Experience in Dusit Thani Manila, Ayala Center, 1223 Makati City, Philippines prepared and submitted by Mr. Christian Dave M. Cruz in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the DEGREE of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MANGEMENT has been examined for the acceptance and approval.


Ms. Mary Grace Pelayo
Practicum Coordinator

Mr. Ruben Q. Lingat

Approved by the Committee with a grade

Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Christian Dave M. Cruz

March 2013


My practicum training experienced placed a great challenge to me. It developed my dependability, patience, time management, communication skills and knowledge as an individual during my training in Dusit Thani Manila.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to my dear coordinator, Ms. Mary Grace Pelayo for her motivation, enthusiasm, and immense knowledge, for her encouragement and patience without which this study would not have been possible. Her guidance helped us in all the time of r esearch and writing of this thesis. To Ms. Donna Marie P. Simbulan for all the support, advices and lectures that helped us in making this study.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to my beloved parents and family for the unfailing love and for supporting me spiritually throughout my life, for whose sincerity and encouragement I will never forget and my inspiration as I hurdle all the difficulties in the completion of this On the Job Training.

We would like also to give thanks to Ms. Mary Grace L. Pelayo who graciously gave assistance to develop our title and to improve the study with her suggestions and corrections.

We especially wish to thank Mr. Chucks Tuazon, who courteously give his time, assistance and lending his car during the retrieval of our survey questionnaires.

We also like to give thanks to our supportive friends who have been always there and guided us in making our study. We would like to thank all the members of the group for understanding and cooperating right from the beginning.

Last but not the least we acknowledge and thank the Almighty God, for all the blessings, for protecting and guiding us throughout this period. We could never have accomplished this without the faith we have in the Almighty.


Dusit Thani Manila

5.1 Mission and Vision of Dusit Thani Manila


“To deliver to the world the exceptional hospitality experience that reflects the unique artistry and culture of Thailand and delivers the standards of perfections, innovations and excellence.”


* To be bold and do great things
* To create things that never existed before
* To pursue perfection
* To always be true to who we are

5.2 Logo of Dusit Thani Manila

5.3 History of Dusit Thani Group

5.4 Organizational Structure

Rooms Division
Director of Rooms

Front Office Manager
Guest Services Manager
Guest Services Manager
Guest Services Manager
Guest Services Manager
GSA (6)
Airport Representative
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