During the Time Periods of the Late 1800’s Through the Early 1900’s Many Countries Were Trying to Gain Power. There Were Many Different Trends That Were Taking Place During These Times to Help These Countries Gain

Topics: United States, Colonialism, President of the United States Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Intro: During the time periods of the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s many countries were trying to gain power. There were many different trends that were taking place during these times to help these countries gain control like Colonialism/ Imperialism, Nationalism, and American domination. The first major trend is Colonialism and Imperialism.

Document 1 shows colonization/ imperialism by the president wanting America to take control of most of the world if they don’t choose to run how Americans believe they should.
POV: in Document 1 it isn’t surprising that President Roosevelt would say this because he is the president of the United States and wants them to have as much power over the world as possible.
Document 3 also shows colonization/ imperialism because the Dutch were trying to colonize the Java and people from Java didn’t like them trying to change their history.
This document shows how older people in the countries didn’t want things to change and didn’t want to have to accept the new ways of ruling and colonizing by other nations.
Document 4 is a picture of a European standing over Africa this shows colonization because the Europeans tried to colonize Africa.
Document 5 is a picture that shows that both France and the English have colonized the Africans.
Document 6 shows the United States helping other countries colonize.
Additional Document that would be helpful here would be a map or chart or even a picture that showed were all Europe had colonized so we could better understand where all European colonization had taken place. The next major trend is Nationalism.

Document 2 shows Nationalism because the Jews wanted to live and there homeland which shoes pride in their nation.
POV: It is not surprising that Balfour would write this document because he is a Zionist leader and wants the best for his people.
Document 3 also shows nationalism because the father didn’t like that his son spoke Dutch to him...
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