During the American History Years of 1865 Through the 1900’s, There Were Many Developments Contributing to the Growth of Cities

Topics: New York City, William M. Tweed, Brooklyn Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: April 4, 2012
During the American History years of 1865 through the 1900’s, there were many developments contributing to the growth of cities. Many of these came from advancements in technology. Another important part is the urban politics that greatly influenced much of the growth of the cities.

One of the great and gateway technologies founded during this time was steel. Steel contributed a lot to the look of cities. Steel allowed cities to not only expand left and right, but up and down as well. Skyscrapers would not be possible without the invention of steel. Since it was light and cheap, it was ideal for buildings. It also allowed the creation of bridges. A good example of this is the Brooklyn Bridge, which was created using steel and allowed the passing of the East River and connected Manhattan and Brooklyn. Another important discovery during this time was electricity. Without electricity, cities would not be able to stay powered and illuminati efficiently to enable a huge growth. With the new AC electricity flowing in cities, it allowed the whole city to remove candle lights and replace it with light bulbs. Electricity and steel contributed to the creation of the elevator. The elevator made skyscrapers even more efficient by removing the need to climb up and down flights of stairs. This improved much of the layout of future cities and buildings.

Another very important factor of the developments of cities is advancements in communication. The telegraph greatly improved communications throughout the whole world. No more would people have to wait for the post to come, which often took 5-7 or more days. With the telegraph, information was transferred at a quicker rate, which allowed the spread of new methods of technology to be spread. It also allowed communications with bigger cities, to smaller cities, at a faster speed, which helped the smaller cities take after other cities. The telegraph allowed multiple company buildings to be built in cities, and be run by...
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