During High School Years, Losing Weight Was Always a Challenge

Topics: High school, Obesity, Physical exercise Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: June 13, 2012
Patel 1
Seema Patel
Professor Hines
English 101
February 10, 2012
During high school years, losing weight was always a challenge
As a freshman in high school, many teenagers have the feeling of excitement and fear and I was no different. Getting into high school to me was sense of being independent, responsible and having fun! The latter was more important to me than anything else. Before my first day of school, I never thought I would find reasons to lose weight. My first day in high school surprised me, and to be honest, was a rude awakening. There were lot of girls and boys from different schools, all from different walks of life - fair and dark, tall and short, beautiful and not so beautiful, but the most that made me concerned were either skinny or super skinny like real life Barbies. As a child, I always was attracted towards Barbie. I loved the design of her clothes and how always they fit her so perfectly; her hairstyle was always the best. Her super slender look always made me want to be like her. This childhood fantasy came alive in high school when I saw the super skinny girls strutting down the hall. As days passed, I noticed how popular they were in high school. For them, everything seemed so easy to achieve. Here’s where my fear kicked in and took me into a direction which I never thought about as a part of the typical high school experience. All of a sudden, I felt the urge to realize my childhood fantasy, become popular, make lots of friends, and join the cheerleading team! Now, losing weight became a number one priority for me.

Patel 2
Trying to lose weight was not an easy task for me. The struggle began as I started working towards my target. I made a schedule to make sure I get enough time to finish my homework along with working on my goal. I started making changes in my food habits. Before, while I read, watched television, or did my homework, I’d munch on chips, cookies, and...
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