Durgapur Projects Ltd.

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One of the feather of the cap of the West Bengal govt. in industrial sector is Durgapur Projects Ltd. It is mainly related to manufacturing units - from steel to power and from cement to mining machinery. Durgapur Projects Ltd, is not only increasing the govt. earning but also developing the entire society as a whole.This report on DPL is describe under following heading-

(1) Company profile
(2) Business area
(3) Contribution to the society
(4) DPL’s promise
(5) Conclusion

(1) Company profile:-

The Durgapur Projects Limited is a Government Company incorporated on 6th September, 1961 , consisting of Coke Oven Batteries, Bye-products Plant, Gas Grid Project, Thermal Power Plant and Water Works. It is under the administrative control of the Department of Power, Government of West Bengal.It also produces coke oven gas, which is being supplied to the neighbouring district of Kolkata. It produces another by-product, namely, crude coal tar. It's rich human resources of 450 highly skilled engineers and professionals besides around 5000-trained work force. A 11-member Board of Directors acts as a watchdog of the organization.

(a)Location :-

The Company’s Plants and Administrative Offices are located within 3 km from Durgapur Railway Station and 1 km from the G. T. Road.

(b)Activities :-

1. Generation of power and its distribution at 11KV in its licensed area at Durgapur and transmission of surplus power to WBSEB.

2. Production of Metallurgical Coke of Blast Furnace, Foundries etc., Coke Oven Gas as industrial fuel and Crude Coal Tar avaiable from its Recovery type of Coke Oven Batteries.

3. Treatment and distribution of water for drinking and industrial use

The Company is generating power from its six power units with an aggregate capacity of 395 M.W and distributing to its consumers of various categories located in its command area at Durgapur and the surplus power is transmitted through the West Bengal State Electricity Board Grid.


|Land |1910 acres comprising 1060 acres for Plant and 850 acres   for Township. | |Railway Network |Separate Railway Exchange Yard (DCOP Siding) with  Railway maintained Weighbridge  | | |facility. |

One of the biggest advantages for DPL to serve its clients is its production facilities being logistically linked with all the three major modes of transportation- rail, road and sea. Besides, Kolkata and Haldia in the east, ports like Vishakhapatnam, Chennai in the south and Mumbai in the west also handle DPL products. To ensure quality in every step of the product processing, DPL has a well equipped laboratory having sophisticated and computerized instruments such as GSR, CRI, Gas Chromatograph, Spectro photometer etc. Environment is a key concern to the DPL authorities. The Environment laboratory is equipped with bacteriological testing kits, ambient air quality testing instruments, stack monitoring instruments, gas analyzers etc.

(2) Business area

(a) Power plants:-

To feed its six thermal power generating units, Durgapur Projects Ltd requires about 6670 tonnes of coal per day. Six units together have an aggregate generation capacity of 401 megawatt per day. Of the total coal requirements, about 28% is required by the sixth unit alone which is so far the biggest one with 110 MW capacity. Three units of 77 MW each consume around 19%-19.5%of total coal requirement.

DPL's unit wise power plant capacity, Coal input and Availability

|Description |Unit I...
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