Durex Featherlite Market Analysis

Topics: Condom, Marketing, Durex Pages: 12 (4097 words) Published: September 30, 2008
Executive Summary
This report provides a detailed analysis of Durex featherlite condoms as a standalone product within the ultrathin condom market. The target market of featherlite condoms is a sexually active male gay or heterosexual orientated individual that are aged between 14 – 40 years old. They must also live in the Australian Area and have been educated in the practise of safe sex, with their buying habits of purchasing ultra thin condoms to improve the sensation of sex. The issues identified in this report are: 1.Increasing general consumer awareness of Featherlite Intense. 2.Increasing business to customer service through online channels. 3.How to create a competitive advantage with strategic alliance between Durex and Starpharma. 4.Lowering inconsistent quality if featherlite condoms.

These points are clearly analysed within the report by breaking down Featherlite’s Target Market, Global Market, Condom Industry Forces, Competitor Analysis, SWOT analysis, and Human Resource Management. Finally the last section “Implementation” gives these recommendations to overcome these issues: 1.Increase Australian advertising through radio, billboards and television to increase consumer awareness. 2.Provide direct opportunities for consumers within the durex’s website to purchase condoms to increase business to customer services. 3.Diversify the target market of durex to include women that purchase or use the play range and educate consumers about the benefits of viva-gel compared to normal lubricated condoms through the durex network. 4.dan

What is the issue
The product chosen for analysis in this report is the Fetherlite Intense condom manufactured by Durex which is a subsidiary company of SSL International. Fetherlite Intense has been chosen for detailed analysis to create a better understanding of the function and purpose of the product. Furthermore investigating how the Fetherlite Intense condom is set apart from the fierce competition within the condom market, we will investigate how well the product functions compared to other similar products. SSL International is the world’s major condom manufacturer offering the public its Durex brand range of condoms. Durex brand condoms are sold in more than 150 countries throughout the world, out of these 150 countries it is the market leader in 40 of these counties. This accounts Durex for twenty six percent of the worlds four billion condom market making it the number one brand in the world. In this report a detailed analysis will be performed on the Fetherlite Intense product. A review will be performed on the products competitors, industry analysis will performed as this is good means of determining marketing strategies and trends occurring in the market. Whilst also taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses that come from comparing the Fetherlite Intense product to competitors in the market. Through the advances in technology competition has remained a strong part of the condom manufacturing industry as producers are continually trying to maintain competitive advantages over their competition. As technology is changing ever so rapidly condom producers are continually trying to meet the needs of consumers offering innovative ideas. One of these innovative ideas that Durex is currently offering is in the Fetherlite Intense product, ‘the Worlds Thinnest Condom. With these new innovative ideas comes the issue of product quality, Durex puts all of their condoms through a four step quality testing process which ensures the safety and durability of condoms manufactured by Durex.  

Customer and Market Analysis
Featherlite Customer Demographics
The featherlite customer demographics is a sexually active male gay or heterosexual orientated that is aged between the age of 14 – 40 (Johnson, 2002). They must also live in the Australian Area and have been education in the practise of safe sex, with their buying habits of purchasing ultra thin condoms to...
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