Dunstan Ramsay, Boy Staunton, and Mary Dempster Each Have a Good and Evil Side to Them

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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No one has a personality that doesn’t change. This change in personality can cause people to have two sides to their personality. “People have two sides, a good side and a bad side.” (The Tourist) The two sides are: one bursting of goodness and one filled with evil. This difference in a personality is either helping or hurting themselves and their peers. Many stories contain characters that exhibit these bipolar, two-sided personalities. This inconsistency is part of what makes them interesting. The reader expects a character to act in a certain way, but the double-sided personality causes them to do something unexpected. Many authors use this to grasp the reader. In his book, Fifth Business, Robertson Davies demonstrates that Dunstan Ramsay, Boy Staunton, and Mary Dempster each have a good side, and an evil side to their personalities. Dunstan Ramsay exhibits his good and evil sides several times in the novel. The most loving caring and morally right thing he does during the story was done for a woman he grew up with in Deptford. He keeps caring and helping Mary Dempster even while his peers at school make fun of him for it. They know that she is insane. “Loving [Mary], [Dunstan] had to defend her, and when people said she was crazy [he] had to force [himself] to tell them that they were crazy themselves and [he] would knock their blocks off if they said it again” (Davies 24). Dunstan loves Mary Dempster so much that he is willing to hurt those who ridiculed her. Dunstan shows love because “[he] [is] determined that if [he] could not take care of Mrs. Dempster nobody else should do it. She [is] [his]” (Davies 182). Dunstan loves Mary so much that he believes that he should be the only care-taker of her life. It can be inferred that he loves Mary more than her family does because Dunstan shows great amounts of love towards Mary. It comes out of the goodness of his heart. One morally wicked and offensive thing Dunstan does is towards Liesl. It was something that...
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