Dunkirk-Not a Triumph?

Topics: Adolf Hitler, World War II, Winston Churchill Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Dunkirk- not a triumph?
Many people also believed that Dunkirk was a disaster; it was a disaster in a number of ways. Firstly, there were many casualties in the battle. 68,000 of the British Expeditionary Force perished during the barrage, along with about a quarter of the remaining French military. Along with the loss of vital live came the massive losses of equipment. Overall, nearly 40,000 pieces of equipment were surrendered to the enemy, including 17,000 machine guns, 12,000 field guns, 2,800 anti-aircraft guns and 475 tanks. This was one of the worst losses of equipment ever sustained by the British military. In this part of my essay I am going to prove how the next four sources challenge the interpretation of Dunkirk being a triumph. Firstly, to help the statement that Dunkirk was not a triumph is source B10 as it argues the fact that it was not organised there was a lot of waiting around and the horrific state of the soldiers, “while among the crowds on the beaches were shell-shocked, dazed soldiers wandering about trying to find some shelter from the bombing.” The source was created by John Harris, a historian. This source is taken from a book about the great military battles. The purpose of this source is to sell and he wants other people to understand his point of view. This source is very reliable because it is written by a historian, therefore he will be very knowledgeable about the research and he will know what he is talking about, but the source was written in a poetic and dramatic way, so John Harris may be emphasizing the content of this source. The usefulness of this source is very good as it gives us a slight understanding of what state the soldiers were in, and what type of things they would experience whilst on the beaches of Dunkirk, “some of the men were even bomb-happy and on the edge of hysteria.” Meaning that soldiers were so tired that they were laughing; mentally falling apart and that there was no getting away from the bombs, they...
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