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1. Introduction
Dunkin Donuts
In 1950, the founder Bill Rosenberg established Dunkin Donuts in Boston, supplied delicious donuts and coffee (1) (Black, 2009). Dunkin Donuts rapidly become one of the nation’s top 10 brand franchise chains between fifty years according to the fast and friendly service, supplying high quality coffee and baked dessert food(1) (Black, 2009). So far, more than 34 countries worldwide have over 7900 Dunkin Donuts stores, it has become the world’s largest “coffee and donuts” chain store in 2007(1) (Black, 2009). And plan to expand to 15000 stores until 2015(1) (Black, 2009). From Asia to Latin America and everywhere in between, you can count on Dunkin' Donuts for delicious coffee and espresso, cool Coolatta, delectable donuts, sandwiches and more(2)(Miller et al. 2010) Brand Mission Statement

1. the most delicious food
2. the most innovative products
3. fast, fresh and parity customer service(2) (Miller et al. 2010) The purpose of this essay is to discuss the feasibility of Dunkin Donuts enter into the UK’s market. 2. Overview of UK
2.1 Physical Characteristics
Geography: the United Kingdom, located in Europe, including the British Isles (including England, Scotland, Wales), and Northern Ireland is located in the northeast of the island of Ireland and 5500 islands around (Overseas Territories)(3)(Oakland,2006). Britain located in the European continent to the northwest of the British Isles, is surrounded by the North Sea, English Channel, Celtic Sea, Ireland Sea and Atlantic Ocean(3) (Oakland,2006). There are 244,100 square km (including inland water areas), there including England region 130,400 square kilometers, Scotland 78,800 square kilometers, Wales, 20,800 square kilometers, Northern Ireland, 13,600 square kilometers(3) (Oakland,2006). Britain is island nation located in Western Europe, across the North Sea, the Strait of Dover, and English Channel and facing the European continent(3) (Oakland,2006). It’s Geosphere border with the Republic of Ireland (3) (Oakland,2006). There are 11,450 kilometers Coastline totally (3) (Oakland,2006). Climate: The United Kingdom is a temperate maritime climate (4) (Kington,2010). Typically the maximum temperature does not exceed 32 ℃, the lowest temperature of not lower than -10 ℃, the average temperature of January is 4 ~ 7 ℃, July is 13 ~ 17 ℃ in the UK (4) (Kington,2010). Average annual precipitation is about 1000 millimeters (4) (Kington,2010). The annual precipitation of Northern and western mountainous areas is over 2000 millimeters and central and eastern areas are less than 800 millimeters (4) (Kington,2010). Natural advantages or disadvantages: Britain's main mineral resources include coal, iron, oil and natural gas (3) (Oakland,2006). The total hard coal reserves are 1,700 million tons (3) (Oakland,2006). Iron reserves are about 38 million tons (3) (Oakland,2006). In the UK North Sea Continental Shelf oil reserve is around 10 to 40 billion tons (3) (Oakland,2006). Natural gas reserve is about 8,600 ~ 25,850 billion cubic meters. Under the normal circumstances, the UK’s climate allows a long, prolific growing season without extreme (3) (Oakland,2006). But at the some special time, farmers encounter the problems because of drought, too much sunshine and too much rain at abnormal weather because of climate change (3) (Oakland,2006). Britain is one of Europe’s chief fishing nations and works in the Irish Sea, the North Sea and the Atlantic(3) (Oakland,2006). 2.2 Population:

The population of Britain is 62,698,362(5) (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). Population density is 246 persons / km, the population growth rate is 0.557% and Male to female ratio is 0.98:1(5) (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). It mainly separate 3 age group, the first age group is 0~14 years old accounts 17.3%, second age group is 14~64 years old accounts 66.2% and final one age group is over 64 accounts 16.5%(5) (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). 85.67% of the...
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