Dunkin Donuts Plan

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Fall 2006


The Bright Agency

The Bright Agency
Roger Bright- Account Executive Sara Smith- Ad Copy Director Ashley Edwards- Art Director Michelle Taube- Media Director Katie Briggs- IMC Media Sales Director Jennifer Garriques- Research Director Robert Compton- Research Director

Executive Summary
Our campaign with Dunkin’ Donuts sets out to re-brand the company, reflective of a company that's expanding. The campaign allots $35,000,000 for the course of a calendar year, specifically January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007. Our goal is to generate more revenue and claim more market share in the coffee house sector. We feel this can be attained by a vigorous national campaign. This campaign will entail advertisements on all the major media facets. Our target audience consists of middle class adults. Characteristically, these middle class adults earn between $40,000 to $100,000 yearly. An increase in coffee sales is a paramount goal of our campaign; these older adults are the best audience to go after. Our campaign will also research the target audience via surveys concluding on how strong the customer base is and possible potential new target audiences. The Dunkin’ campaign will rely heavily on a nationalized television, radio, newspaper, and outdoor advertising plan. The television ads will be featured generally on the cable networks as well as network channels. We will position our ads on programs that are focused towards our target group of middle class adults. The same strategy will apply when positioning our ads on television, radio, and in the newspaper. Other alternate media we will use are outdoor advertisements. We will use around $33,000,000 on advertising. Measuring the effect of our campaign is also important. It will occur on a quarterly basis. Measurements will be done at these times so that Dunkin’ Donuts can reflect its sales along with the effectiveness of our campaign. This will be done so by viewing television ratings and checking circulation.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary Table of Contents Campaign Overview Situational Analysis SWOT Analysis Target Market Analysis Objectives Media Objectives Media Tactics Media Scheduling Creative Objectives Measurable Objectives Budget Analysis Advertising Tactics Sales Promotion Tactics Public Relations Tactics Evaluation Appendix A– Radio/Television/Outdoor/Newspaper Ads Appendix B– Sales Promotions Appendix C- Public Relations Sources 3 4 5 6-8 9 10 11 12 13-15 16 17-18 19 20 21-22 23-24 25-26 27 28-36 37-38 39-40 41

Campaign Overview
The Bright Agency was delivered the challenge of creating a new advertising campaign for Dunkin’ Donuts to match the type of massive expansion the company is about to undertake. Our agency was given $35,000,000 to complete the task, of which we devoted the $3.5 million towards a healthy contingency. Our research and efforts are in hopes of increasing the awareness of a soon to be snack food and coffeehouse giant.

Situational Analysis
Company Dunkin’ Donuts is a doughnut franchise owned by a parent company, Dunkin’ Brands. Dunkin’ Donuts was founded in Quincy, Massachusetts by Bill Rosenberg in 1950. Dunkin’ Donuts has since been a staple of the snack food sector in the New England geographic market. Dunkin’ Donuts boasts quality doughnuts and pastries, as well as a delicious line of coffee and espresso blends. Today Dunkin’ Donuts dominates the snack food sector and is increasingly making its mark on the coffee house sector.

Market and Industry The restaurant industry, particularly the snack food and coffee house industry is one that is consistently profitable. As it stands it takes around 1/3 of the American dollar spent on food. The restaurant industry will gross on average $1.4 billion daily. The restaurant industry has had to adapt to the growing demand for healthier food choices. Nonetheless the restaurant industry is forecasted to increase over five percent in the next year...
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