Duncan Yoyo Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Duncan Toys Company, Yo-yo Pages: 14 (3222 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Ducan YoYo- Marketing Plan


Duncan is positioned as one of the largest Yo-yo manufacturer in the world. The yo-yo boom has been decreased rapidly with the fast pace technology and the invention of more varieties of toys and games. Duncan new product “Yo-yo Light Keychain” is to be marketed in anticipation of its next comeback.

The aim of the Duncan is to maximise economic returns for the corporation by penetrating new markets while further establishing Duncan’s reputation for leading in quality and stylish yo-yos. Core competencies and strengths (such as the positive reputation of Duncan’s yo-yo quality products and the new launch of “Yo-yo Light Keychain” designed for children to be released in Australia) will allow this product to contend with competitors such as Yomega and Shinwoo yo-yo manufacturers.

There is sufficient evidence to support that Roy Morgan’s “Look at Me” segment will be a massive market for the Duncan’s Yo-yo Light Keychain and therefore the promotion of the new product has been designed distinctively for this target market. A ‘price-skimming’ method will be employed for the release of this product and the distribution outlets will alter accordingly. A detailed implementation plan defines this process with key dates and duration of significant events involved with the performance of the Yo-yo Light Keychain over 24 months.

Continuous review of sales and profits, as well as market research and innovative practices, will be undertaken to evaluate the performance of Duncan’s new Yo-yo Light Keychain; allowing the corporation to act upon negative deviations from goals, maintain competitive advantage and exploit positive performance.


1. Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------------4

2. Situation Analysis-------------------------------------------------------------------5

1. Internal Analysis-----------------------------------------------------------5

2.11 Perceptual Map-------------------------------------------------5

2. External Analysis----------------------------------------------------------6

2.21 Micro-Environment---------------------------------------------6

2.22 Macro-Environment--------------------------------------------7

3. SWOT Analysis-----------------------------------------------------------8

3. Goals and Objectives--------------------------------------------------------------8

4. Target Market and Segmentation----------------------------------------------8

5. Marketing Strategy---------------------------------------------------------------10

1. Product---------------------------------------------------------------------10

2. Price------------------------------------------------------------------------10

3. Place-----------------------------------------------------------------------10

4. Promotion-----------------------------------------------------------------11

6. Budget-------------------------------------------------------------------------------11

7. Implementation Plan and Schedule------------------------------------------11

8. Evaluation and Control----------------------------------------------------------12

9. Conclusion and Future Recommendations---------------------------------12

10. References---------------------------------------------------------------------13

11. Appendices---------------------------------------------------------------------15


The yo-yo has been a popular fad throughout world history ever since 500BC. The first modern yo-yos were introduced to the United States by Donald...
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