Duncan Industries: Market Opportunities in the European Union

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  • Published : March 12, 2008
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Duncan Industries:

President: Mark Duncan

Surface automotive hoists (product used by garage, service station & other repair shops to lift cars for servicing.

Marketing Manager:
Pierre Gagnon prepared a feasibility report which outlines Market opportunities in the European Union & entry options available.

Mark Duncan thought process:
1.Not sure if his company is ready for this move.
2.Believed with more effort sales in US can be increased.
3.Doubtful about success in Europe although believed there were some positive aspects to the European Idea.

Duncan Industries:
Mark Duncan was a design engineer who worked for a Canadian subsidiary of a US automotive hoist manufacturer. In 1990, Mark left the company to start his own business with the purpose of designing & manufacturing the hoist. Marks employer had no objections to Mark's plan to start a new business.

Over the next Mark obtained financing from a venture capital firm, opened a plant in Lachine, Quebec, & began manufacturing & marketing the hoist, called the DUNCAN LIFT.

Information about the product:
1.The original design included a scissor lift and a safety locking mechanism that allowed the hoist to be raised to any level & locked in place. 2.The scissor lift offered easy access to the mechanic to work on the raised vehicle. 3.The hoist was fully hydraulic & had no chains or pulleys, it required little maintenance. 4.Another key feature was the alignment turn plates that were an integral part of the lift. The turn plates meant that mechanics could accurately & easily perform wheel alignment jobs. 5.Because it was a surface lift, it could be installed in a garage in less than a day. 6.Mark continually made improvements to the product, including adding more safety features.

Purpose of a hoist:
To lift an automobile into a position where a mechanic or service person could easily work on the car.

Customer view...
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