Dumpster Diving

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“On Dumpster Diving”
Homelessness in America remains topic of conversation still today in the 21st century. The American dream of equality is still a distant one with about 2.3 million to 3.5 million Americans still unsheltered and living without a place to call home. Millions of people scavenging, and scrounging for the food to eat on a daily bases. There are women, men, and children, all searching for refuge in America. The essay “On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner was very heart whelming, and informative. Mr. Eighner writes with such education and respect while explaining his Dumpster lifestyle. He breaks his knowledge of existing in America down to the science. I was extremely over whelmed by his vivid detailing of his awareness with the foods you shouldn’t eat, or even the scheduling of a college students academic calendar. Reading the tale from a scholar who was in the predicament made me see homelessness in a different way. Reading more into the essay I realized that the author talks about society as a whole by saying what we throw away in our garbage says a lot about us. We waste food, prescriptions, and broken electronics, we practically throw away our lives. In society we over due and over kill everything. Our society has begun to involved with wants we surpass our needs.

Homelessness can be defined in a simple way as someone who lacks a permanent, and safe residence, but what is more of this phenomena. Have American citizens literally throw away the values our country was once made upon? Save a life and lend a helping hand.
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