Dumbing Down of Society

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Persuasive essay position
“It is claimed that factors such as the surge of information, media, games, foods, environments, medications, and education seem to contribute to a slower, weaker, less proficient and probably ‘dumber’ human being of the 21st Century”

The current developments in technological devices, media, education systems, medication and foods have created a claim: that they are the main contributors to the dumbing down of the human species of the twenty first century. This claim has created a controversy where some people agreed or disagreed that the surge of these factors has been negatively affecting the intelligence of human beings. This controversy began around the late 20th century, where many people, criticized the negative effects of either the education systems or the increase in processed food production; examples include a teacher called John Taylor Gatto who wrote a book entitled “ Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden curriculum of compulsory schooling”. However, I do not agree with this claim even though evidence that supports this claim exists in many numbers. The developments in information, education, foods, medication and media, from a personal opinion and experience, is only adding to the knowledge that people have. For instance, the media, like news channels allow societies from one part of the world to explore and understand more about other societies from other parts of the world. However, most of the examples of the claim focus on the education system that is “dumbing down” rather than increasing intelligence of students and the increasing production of processed food. Looking at the schooling system, many claim that school is an environment that limits students in terms of creativity and independence. It is true that schools provide a stable education system and an environment where control and discipline is enforced but that does not necessarily mean it is bad and it also does not mean that...
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