Dumbing Down America: Government Control of Educational Resources

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Dumbing Down of America
There are so many sources available to acquire an education. What some may call education others may not. The world is at our finger tips with the availability of the internet. Most commonly people just say “I’ll Google it.” At the press of a button your answers are available. This may not be the typical reading, writing, and arithmetic questions, but those answers are also easily available to those that want to learn. The importance of knowing a foreign language is vital these days with all of the diversity within America. I however do not know a foreign language but think I would be much more valuable as an individual if I did. In my opinion the language doesn’t necessarily have to be foreign, since there are other options such as sign language, which is universal. Dora the Explorer is one way that the media isn’t “dumbing down” Americans. Children are learning a foreign language rather easily in the comfort of their own home without their parents even knowing the language themselves. I agree that “dumb” media isn’t helping us grow and develop as individuals. The media is something that can be quite controversial. Big media such as FOX isn’t a reliable resource in my opinion. Big business has a large part in what is being covered on stations such as these. People in general believe most of what they hear or read. Though they might be partial facts, most don’t take the time to check alternate sources. Take for example our last presidential election. Society took their facts from FOX and MSNBC instead of searching out other information. These media outlets are able to skew facts and make them what they want to be. Americans believe what they see and hear instead of looking further into the issue. In my opinion this is a prime example of how media is “dumbing down” America. I enjoy reading several different newspapers and articles found online. I watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as well as Info Wars with Alex Jones....
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