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Dumb Witness is a detective fiction novel written by the British witer Agatha Christie. This book was based in a shot story, “The Incident of the Dog's Ball”. It was lost for some years and found by author's daughter in 2004.

The story is set in Littlegreenhouse and centers on Emily Arundell. She was a woman with a substancial amount of money, sorrounded by three young relatives, Bella, Theresa, and Charles, who wanted to take her fortune. One day, she is injured by falling down the stairs, presumably because Emily stumbles with the ball of her dog, Bob. Some time later, she died of natural causes, but before that she wrote a letter to the detective Hercules Poirot, and he really wondered if her death was from natural causes.


Emily Arundell writes to Poirot because she believes she has beeb the victim of an attempted murder. But unfortunately the letter written by Mrs. Arundell it's late into the hands of Poirot, and qhen the detective gets it, she is alredy dead. Her doctor, Mr. Graigner, who lost the sense of smell because of illness, believes she died of liver problems she had had for many years ago. To everyone's surprise, Miss Lawson, Miss Emily's companion, is receiving good fortune, according to a recent change in the will of Mrs. Arundell. This fact makes them all suspects as not knowing any of her nephews that her aunt had changed his mind, all could be possible suspects of the murder. Mr. Poirot visit the house as a possible buyer and he finds in the top of the stairs a painted nail varnish and a rope attached to the nail. Since Hercules shows a vase with a dog, he follows that Emily wanted to say after the falling is that the dog couldn’t have been the one who put the ball there, because Bob was all night outside. The day she died, Emily Arundell was at séance held by the sisters Tripp. When the sisters were investigated by Poirot, they said that when Emily spoke a...
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