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  • Published : February 10, 2012
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Drunk Driving
An average of one person dies from an alcohol related accident about every thirty minutes. Did you know that the current first time offense for driving under the influence is driver’s license suspension for three months, fines from 250 to 400 dollars, and thirty days in jail. The punishment for driving under the influence should be more austere for first timers. For example, they should be given a five year driving suspension (after they get released from jail), fines between 500 to 1000 dollars, and three years in jail. So, by increasing the penalties of D.U.Is, we could look forward to a drop in the number of people driving under the influence, the number of deaths, and give a sense of justice to those whom D.U.Is has impacted. The zest I have for wanting the punishment of driving under the influence to be more caustic for first time offenders, is greater than any other.

The number of D.U.Is will be dramatically reduced like a fraction. People will think twice before getting behind the wheel while they are impaired. They wouldn’t want to go to jail for three years. All of their freedom would be gone, and they would have to do what others told them to without any say about it like a three year old. The fines would be way too overwhelming for most people. Nobody wants to pay 1000 dollars for a fun night. Then, even when they do get

out of jail, they cant even drive for five years. They would have to walk, take a bus, or a cab. Those ways aren’t that pleasant because it takes way longer than just hopping in your car and going to you destination. Most employers won’t even hire a person who has been to jail. Employers don’t want to have that kind of reputation, for hiring felons. So, that person would be stuck without a job.

Everyday between 30-40 people in the United States die in a car accident due to driving under the influence. If we made the retribution of driving under the influence crueler, we could look forward to minimizing the number...
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