Dudley Town Essay

Topics: World War II, Attack on Pearl Harbor, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Alaa ElsirafyDecember 11, 2012
Pearl Harbor Paper
Annotated Bibliography


* "A. A. Hoehling." (Open Library). N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2012. The author of this source was actually a member of the U.S Naval Reserve. He was on duty in Washington, serving in the public relations office and went back to his desk shortly before the attack. He witnessed the diplomatic and political background of the attack. He personally dealt with the agencies most responsible at the moment of Pearl Harbor. In this book he identifies actions taken and not taken at the time as well as intensive and extensive details on what he had witnessed of Pearl Harbor.

* Burgan, Michael. The Attack on Pearl Harbor: U.S. Entry into World War II. Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2012. Print. This source is about how the attack of Pearl Harbor was successful in launching the attack but how it failed in strategic sense. It explains how the Japanese military planners were skilled in deception but lacked long term references. It also reveals how the geographical and cultural expanse was a conflict. This source was edited by Greg. M. Romaneck, a literature professor. Greg mentions how the author used diverse sources and narratives to create a balanced insight on what happened during Pearl Harbor.

* Goldstein, Donald M., and Katherine V. Dillon. The Pearl Harbor Papers: Inside the Japanese Plans. Washington: Brasseyʼs (US), 1993. Print. This source contains a profile of Commander Minoru Genda; the man behind the Japanese attack, letters of Admiral Yamamoto, who helped plan the operation and pushed it through. It also contains detailed war diaries and a journal of the Japenese historian Masataka Chihaya, which explained the successes and failures of the war. It also contains FDR's personal speeches about how he knew the attack was coming because the "code breakers" monitored the task force's messages. This source is credible because it contains hard...
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