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  • Published : November 5, 2013
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Angel Clifford Clifford 1
Ms. MacArthur
English 2­­­­
3 March 2013
E.E Cummings
Edward Estlin Cummings, more commonly known as E.E Cummings, was born on October 14, 1894. He was well known for his poetry. “Little Tree”, “Selected Poems”, and “Eimi“ are just some of his books of poetry, but does this make him securely canonized as major or minor? Richard S. Kennedy explains his point of view. He says Cummings would be a major minor poet. Someone who is considered minor, but thought of as important and worthy of studying would be called a major minor poet, according to Richard. A response to Richard S. Kennedy’s declaration, Michael Webster states that he agrees with Richard’s conclusion. However other people would debate on Cummings’ major/minor literary status.

When you hear Edward Estlin Cummings, the well-known poet does not come to mind. On the other hand, mention E.E Cummings and you are rewarded with instant recognition. E.E Cummings was born on October 14, 1894, in Cambridge Massachusetts. He grew up at 104 Irving Street, Cambridge. His father Edward and his mother Rebecca Haswell Clarke Cummings, were the ones who officially cheered him to develop his creative talents. Starting in early 1917, after recently laboring for a publishing company Cummings was arrested. During this time, he

Clifford 2
and a friend wrote Cummings first book. It was about his first- hand experience in a French detention camp. (E.E Cumming’s Life)
Cummings’ definitely made a name for himself through his achievements. In 1911, the first published writing of E.E Cummings was added into “Harvard Monthly.” Soon after, in 1912, Cummings earned an M.A at Harvard, in English and Classical Studies. He also featured in “Eight Harvard Poets” where eight of his poems were published. Already popular, five years after returning from French detention, his manuscript for “The Enormous Room” was published. This brought him even more fame, due to...
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