Duddy Kravitz

Topics: Mordecai Richler, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Ted Kotcheff Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Man will follow through with his actions till he has succeeded and fulfilled his dream. Merriam-Webster once said an anti-hero is one who “is conspicuously lacking in notable heroic qualities.” This is clearly shown by Mordecai Richler through the character of Duddy Kravitz in “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.” Duddy will stop at nothing to achieve his dream of owning land by forging an identity, working overtime, and using a girl. All of his actions occur due to the saying which his grandfather, Simcha emphasized, “a man without land is nobody.”

Duddy Kravitz uses all of his contacts to his ability in order to gain success within. Through the strengthening relationship of a boy named Virgil who he had met on the train and had made business deals with, Duddy dragged him out to the end to have him end up as one who could easily be walked over. In the first place, Virgil was epileptic but after a recent car accident linked through Duddy’s business deal he remained handicapped. Duddy became immediately intrigued in the fact that he could borrow money from him to purchase the land when he came to the conclusion he had a good amount of money but because Yvette forced him not to, Duddy had to take action. He ended up forging Virgil’s signature and depositing a cheque in his own name. “Disguising his voice, he told the bank manager, “This is Mr. Roseboro speaking.” He gave the address. “I am sending Mr. Kravitz down to have a cheque certified for me please” (Richler 364). With Virgil stating, “he can do anything” after Duddy retrieved the money, the incident remains unheard of to Virgil. Furthermore, the whole idea of forging identity has always been on Duddy’s mind based on the “thought of forging Mr. Cohen’s signature on a cheque, depositing it to his own account, and writing another cheque against it…” (Richler 358). In conclusion, Duddy will steal illegally when he becomes desperately close to achieving his goal.

Although the thought of dislike is...
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