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  • Published : April 1, 2011
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In 2006, Ducati launched brand extension, the company collaborated with other well-known apparel brands, Like Oakley, Dainese and Suomy , to produce Ducati-branded Apparel, like suits, jacets, gloves and boots etc. Also Ducati licensed its logo and name for a wide-range of products including other apparel, umbrellas, video game, toys, model replicas and publishing. Ducati participated in the Moto Grand Prix to widen the appeal. “during the business decline from 2002-2005, Ducati had experienced growth in apparel sales.” Ducati had a number of marketing initiatives, but Only placed ads in Select motorcycle publications rather than general public advertizing. They supported enthusiasts' club , established events and racing, offered formal motorcycle training and Ducati’s museum and factory tour. Ducati called this idea as Tribal Advertising, and stated that they can reach the target market directly with frequency and cost-efficiency. And Ducati had several websites, in which there are complete information on model specifications and online available bikes, you can have a virtual tour of Ducati’s world headquarters in Bologna. The company had 10 million unique visitors and 200,000Ducati riders’ database They used its database to Contact riders through email, forums or Minoli’s personal “Desmoblog” To carry out questionnaires on new product developments and user satisfaction.

They had four major distribution channels, which are Multi-franchise distribution points Independent mono-franchise Dutati retail stores, Independent dealers And Wholly owned subsidiaries ( wholesale distribution) , they thought there are several advantages with this channel, where you can contact with the end consumers, have more control over marketing initiatives and more flexibility to redirect products throughout various distribution points. With regard to the production, the factory Located outside of Bologna, Italy, consisted of 360,000 square meters, and had 1,000...
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