Dubstep History

Topics: Dubstep, Dub music, Drum and bass Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Dubstep... One of the fastest growing types of music in the world. In order to help you understand the origin and to inform you on how its created, we will examine the history of where Dubstep originated from, Major Dubstep DJ's, and different characteristics of Dubstep. The history behind Dubstep was first intened to have more bass in electronic music in 2002. It started in a town called Croydon, England. There isn't really anyone who actually created this type of music because there is different types of dubstep music, and it became so popular and has evolved and grown so much. According to udubstep.com, the history of Dubstep is thought of have evolved out of “Jamaican dub music” and other soundsystem cultures, from 1999-present. The Jamaican soundsytems stressed disco-type dounds with reproduced bass frequencies underlying. Dubstep rose to different varieties of reggae music that had music features like sub-bass, 2-step drums and distortion effects. Sub-bass is where the frequency is less than 90Hz, which is really really deep. The development churned out the modern British sound of “jungle”, “garage”, and now “Dubstep”. The origins of Dubstep from 1999-2002, Ammunition Promotions, whom run the clud “Forward>>” are considered to be the first people to use the term “Dubstep” to describe the type of music. The club, located in Soho London, was just instrumental music starting to get the format of Dubstep music because it was the honestly the only venue at the time that was dedicated to playing this genre of music. “Forward>>” had ran a radio show on “Rinse FM” that was hosted by a DJ called Kode9 who was to promote new music. 2003 came along and a DJ by the name of DJ Hatcha had changed the direction for dubstep on Rinse FM. Using 10 inch dubplates to create a dark, clipped, and minimal sound that is used largely in the dubstep you hear today. Also during the year of 2003, an event called “Filthy Dub”, which started happening frequently...
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