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1.Identify a company of your choice which operates in the Irish consumer market. 2.Conduct the Market Analysis
3.Analyse customer segments

Identify a company of your choice which operates in the Irish consumer market. Dublin Bus is one of biggest company in a public transport operator in Ireland. The company established in 1987. At the moment it has up to 172 bus routes, not only in Dublin but also outside the capital city. Dublin bus service is working also at the night time and it has 24 night-time routes. The main owner of this company is the Irish government. The company is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and this is reflected in its mission statement, to succeed is providing excellent service to 1 customer through a committed team. Dublin area with over 93% of the population having access to its services and 70% of public transport users choosing the bus as their type of transport. This demonstrates the ability of the Dublin Bus to provide transport for the public, but in 2008 was a difficult year for Bus Bus Átha Cliath (Dublin Bus) due to the effect of the recession on passenger numbers.

Dublin Bus all the time improve services and at 2008 Bus Átha Cliath and the Quality. Bus Network Office have been working together to achieve increased prioritization cross the city through the continuous introduction of new Quality Bus Corridors (QBCs) and the upgrading of existing ones in the Greater Dublin Area. During 2008, major radial QBCs were upgraded to Blanchardstown, Malahide, and Swords.

Owner introduce fleet replacement programme, the 74 low floor double deck buses were delivered and introduced into service during 2008 another 26 buses delivered in the early weeks of 2009.These purchases were made possible through an Exchequer Funding Contribution under the Transport 21 Investment Programme and are part of Bus Átha Cliath fleet replacement programme which ensures that the average age of fleet continues to remain at six years. Public Transport in Dublin Capital city mostly is based on Dublin Bus Services and that’s make a Dublin Bus as Monopolist on the market even of other public transport option like Luas or Dart , Dublin Bus is one of most popular transport option for Dublin’s society. This company is trying all the time to meet the growing transport needs of an increasing urban population and to provide sustainable reliable rural links, for Dublin Bus have own market strategy and would like reform bus networks to increase capacity, frequency and attractiveness as a public transport option.

Dublin Bus struggles with an ever smaller number of passengers, which is due to decrease in unemployment because, if people don’t have a job doesn’t needs using transport public service every day. Another current problem for this Irish company is continuously increased fuel costs and this issue increase expenses for the company. Effect of this situation has huge impact on this company , because Dublin Bus is committed to raising the prices of tickets for travel. The company aims is to gradually eliminate fuel powered vehicles to hybrid buses, which will decrease maintenance costs. Visitors and residents can see old coaches in the National Transport Museum of Howth . It is a collection of historic public transport vehicles which drove in the Dublin road a few years earlier.

Conduct the market analysis.
Micro and macro environment within which Dublin Bus operates: The Micro-environment influences the organization directly. It includes suppliers that deal directly or indirectly, customers, employees, shareholders, competitors, media. Customer: Dublin Bus is committed to providing a quality service that is efficient, safe and comfortable. Considerable progress has been made over the last number of years, currently over 70% of our vehicles are low floor and...
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