Dubai on Empty Article Analysis

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Throughout the article Dubai on Empty by Tom Graig, a few elements have been touched upon such as language, conflict, and bias. The author attempts to get his message across to the reader through the use of powerful, sexual and often distasteful language. An example of this would be when he said, “After gorging on the Viagra of easy credit, the emirate has the world’s tallest building, the world’s most expensive racetrack, and a financial crisis to match” The writer makes it all too clear from the beginning that he is repulsed by everything that the country represents and he proceeds to find fault even in achievements that deserve to be applauded. His attempt to capture the reader’s attention through the use of strong diction makes one wonder whether he has a personal vendetta against this once small desert nation. An example of the author using strong diction is when he calls Arabs “creatures”. “Here in one long panorama is the Dantean vision of modern Dubai—the Arabs huddled in a glass dome, looking like creatures from a Star Trek episode in their sepulchral winding-sheet dishdashas.” The author dehumanizes Arabs by calling them creatures. Conflicts that have been brought up within this article such as Dubai’s heat is described with such hatred. “Outside, in the sodden heat, you pass hundreds and hundreds of regimented palm trees and you wonder who waters them and what with. The skyline, in the dusty haze, looks like the cover of a dystopian science-fiction novella.” – In fact, in the early parts of the article, the writer focuses considerable attention on conveying how “hot”, “humid”, and “uncomfortable” it is, but then again he is all too aware that this is a desert climate so he contradicts himself to an extent. On the flip side, one can also be impressed that in a country where there is “sodden heat” there are also trees and greenery. And despite being a desert, a concerted effort has been made to build a functional infrastructure and to expand it to all...
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