Duality of Man

Topics: Robert Louis Stevenson, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Good and evil Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Duality Of Man
Humans are the most mentally complex creatures because if the two sidedness all of humanity has. Through the selections, the authors show the good and the bad in duality of man. Also shows the hypocrisy in the duality of man Every person has a good and evil personality. There are two sides which mean people must choose which side they want to show. The novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Robert Stevenson, 1886) is a great depiction of the duality of man. Dr. Jekyll was a tall and chubby, but sweet and caring. Mr. Hyde, on the contrary, is the total opposite of Dr. Jekyll. Hyde is short and lean, but is filled with pure evil and spite towards others. In the novel it shows not only personality but physical duality. In the song Handlebars (Flobots, 2007) the singer is warning his son, well I was told. The duality in this is a rebellion versus the government. He says, “I can hand out a million vaccinations or let’em all die from exasperations.”(Handlebars, Line 64-65) This is one of the many different examples given by the Flobots showing how one person with power can effect an entire nation based on whether or not the person in charge has a bias opinion or not, or just his attitude. The purpose of the song was to be a warning to someone. The Naked and The Nude (Robert Graves, 1961) shows duality of man through titles and peoples’ connotations of those titles. Being naked or nude is the same thing in appearances, but in a metaphorical sense. Nude is something you are born with; you’re born naked. In a sense naked is truth and nude is lie. Adam and Eve are a good example of being made naked; they were pure and natural. Nude is art, but it is open display to anybody to see not just for their lover. In A Talk to Teachers (James Baldwin, 1963) Davis talks about how the teachers in our society have the power to make the students aware of their society and how it is corrupt. He (Davis) explains that the teachers don’t do that...
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