Dual Pane Case

Topics: Franchising, Window, Small business Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: March 1, 2012
Dual Pane Company, founded in 2001 by John Grayson, is based on a machine he created. The machine could remove windows from their frames without destroying the wooden panes known as muntins and mullions. John and his wife Elizabeth are the owners of the company, as well as its only employees. He does the actual installation of windows, while she takes care of all the financial aspects of the company. The Dual Pane Company generally focuses its business in the residential market of the Boston area. Strengths and Weaknesses of John Grayson

John Grayson has one of the most important qualifications of becoming a successful entrepreneur: experience. With 15 years of experience in the home restoration business, John knows a great deal about this line of work. He is obviously very innovative and motivated. By himself, he has created a machine to do a job that could not previously be done. This machine is very revolutionary in the window pane business. The only real weakness that John possesses is the fact that he is not very business savvy. He has kept Dual Pane running steady, but has yet to expand. While he does know practically everything there is to know about this particular trade, he does not yet seem to be as ambitious as he should be. SWOT Analysis

The biggest advantage that Dual Pane Company has over the competition is that there is no competition. No one else has the ability to do what John Grayson’s machine can do. He has a fresh new idea that he will be able to franchise very easily and successfully. The overall state of the economy is a big factor in whether the home restoration market is doing well. Since the Graysons began business in August 2002, the economy has been favorable. In the Boston area, there has been a decrease in unemployment and a rise in real disposable income. This rise in disposable income has been a big boost to Dual Pane’s business. The actual restoration of windows is quite expensive, costing between $3,000 and $7,000. Many...
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