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Alexis Barragan
Ms. Mehringer
Pre-Ap English II-5
9 April 2012
Living the Life of Poverty
Poverty is a serious problem throughout the world. Some people don’t notice the effect it has. It doesn’t just affect the poor but also the rich. There are so many ways people can prevent poverty but they don’t give enough effort. Poverty is a worldwide problem that is caused by people who live in the moment and people who don’t give any kind of determination to be better than just good enough. Poverty doesn’t just involve the poor. It involves everyone else in the world. How is it that the “poor” have nice homes, at least one television, and good-looking cars? There is only one solution to that, help from the government. People don’t notice it but when the poor gets help from the government that money is coming from the rich people who pay taxes. Some of the money actually goes to the poor but most of the it goes to the people who are claiming they’re poor, who live off Medicaid or Food stamps. “The biggest program in there is Medicaid, followed by something called the ‘earned income tax credit’” (Steigerwald par.24). In a way “most of the money goes directly to poor people either as services or as something like a food stamp or medical care”(Steigerwald par 26). Living life in poverty is very difficult for one. Having a family and living in poverty is even more difficult. Kids are the ones who are affected the most when the family is living in poverty. Children or teens that live in poverty face more difficulties everyday than those middle-class kids. Some people don’t notice how challenging their lives may be. Preventing poverty may seem like the hardest task ever, but it really isn’t. The poverty percentage has gone up drastically in the past few years. “According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 12.5 percent of the U.S. population (over 37 million) was below the poverty line in 2007” (Margaret par. 5). That means almost 1/5 of the country lived in poverty in 2007. Some...

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