Dttls Personal Roles and Responsibilities

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Personal Roles And Responsibilities

The learning cycle as a teacher consists of planning the course and it’s structure, the actual delivery of the course topic and assessment. The outcome of each stage will constantly change and adapt depending on the assessment outcome; this cycle also applies to myself as a teacher.

The planning stage is to myself the most important as I need to determine what the learners needs are and how these can be met. There may be limitations such as disabilities or learning difficulties or even personal problems, which would need to be discussed at the start of the course here are different methods which I can use such as an initial evaluation or assessment by use of written or multiple choice questions, or maybe a practical task: I can then plan more effectively for the lesson and course ahead. I could also discuss each learners needs at this stage by way of a one to one tutorial with the learner.

Planning for classroom and practical exercises will need to be met; this would need to meet the size of the class or location. Even variables such as temperature or outside disturbances such as noise need to be addressed. Resources needed for the classroom delivery and practical elements need to be sought.

Course structure and it’s effective delivery can then be organised and planned and the scheme of work and lesson plans be generated but will still require adapting. Also flexibility to meet the needs of the learner throughout the course would be necessary. By reflecting on the lessons and by assessment I will then be able to see if my planning has been successful.

This is the stage that all of the planning and preparation comes together. My role as a teacher is to communicate my lesson so that my lessons aims and objectives are delivered towards the learners in a way that keeps them engaged and therefore learning should actually take place. During the lesson I would need to communicate very well with my learners, acting and...
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