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  • Published : March 15, 2011
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Assignment for Module 1B 27/01/2011


A profile for one group of my learners

“One of the crucial elements of the proposed strategy must be clarity about the skills, knowledge and understanding that anyone needs to be literate and numerate in modern world”
Chapter 10(A New Basic Skills Curriculum and a New System of Qualifications),
A Fresh Start, February, 1999
I am writing a profile for one group of my learners, Basic Skills-Maths, at K College, Adult Education, 19+, where I am a maths teacher on a voluntary basis, also this is part of my teaching practice.

When we have to start an activity with a group of learners, obviously, we must hold informations, as much as we can, about him so, I am going to talk about first step of this activity which is initial assessment, is the process of identifying an individual's learning needs and support needs in order to design an individual learning plan witch will provide the structure for their learning. For me and for this group, but not only, this initial assessment is very important due to a wide range of levels, starting with Entry Level 3, Level2 and Level1, also there are ESOL students(English for Speakers of Other Languages). For Basic Skills-Maths students, this assessment is a critical process because it represents the first stage in the learning cycle and failure to accurately identify an individual learning needs may result in a learning plan and a learning program, witch does not address to those learning needs.

The methods that we use for initial assessment are:
individual interviews
formal test
learner questionnaire
observed group activities
practical vocational activities
I do not normally use all these methods but I have to choose those witch are appropriate to the needs and circumstances of my learners. In order to gain an accurate, overall picture of their needs I have been used a combination of methods to asses an individual. One...
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