Dtlls Unit 6

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Unit 6

Curriculum development for inclusive practice.

Firstly I am going to look at the range of contexts in which education and training can be provided in the lifelong learning sector. I also aim to look at how the curriculum on offer may differ according to the educational or training context. By looking at my own curriculum I intend to look at ways it may vary according to the context in which it is delivered and give an example of a situation that forced the curriculum to change in one of my own teaching sessions.

The application of theories, principles and models of inclusive curriculum when designing courses and the putting of these into practice along with suggestions of how to change and improve the curriculum will be looked at in this section of the essay.

I will also examine how equality and diversity can be built into the curriculum design and become an integral part of the curriculum as well as the way our social, economic and cultural differences affect teaching and qualifications in my specific teaching area. It is also important that we look at how we can contend with any prejudice which may occur in the classroom.

Lastly I will look at how these curriculum theories, principles and models are used to assist me teach in my own area. Also, I will judge the strengths and weaknesses in my curriculum design and how this could be changed to improve its effectiveness. I will also look at the strengths and weaknesses in the design of the curriculum from which I teach.

The range of contexts that the Life Long Learning cover are in place as a result of a government policy following a green paper “The Learning Age, a renaissance for a new Britain.” by David Blunket (DfEE 1998) that states ”learning enables people to play a full part in their community and strengthens the family, the neighbourhood and consequently the nation.” This paper proposed a professional teaching qualification as the target that all teachers in FE should hold or be working towards. This paper also proposed that everyone should have the same opportunity to access FE without being restricted due to circumstances thus providing social cohesion.

This is why the Life Long Learning sector takes the form of a variety of different providers and these include Colleges of Further Education that are usually funded by the Learning Skills Council, Adult Community Colleges mostly funded by local authorities, Community Based Learning that are funded by European Social Fund or charitable or church trusts. There are two types of learning that involve the employer funding the college these are Work based learning and Train to Gain although in times of recession such as now the present funding is difficult to come by as employers are more likely to take on fully trained staff. Another important part of these changes as a result of the report was the defining of the curriculum. There are many definitions of curriculum but a view outlined by Stenhouse L. (An Introduction to Curriculum Research and Development 1975) asks us to concentrate not just on the planned curriculum but on the reality of teaching and learning for teachers and students. By looking at this quote I deem it to mean the situation we find ourselves teaching in. An example of this is the Football Level 1 coaching course I deliver, we have to demonstrate the offside rule and how to defend using it. where I teach we only have a five a side football pitch so the practical demonstrations are difficult to conduct and we have to convey this part of course using DVDs and a tactics board, however a full size pitch, which would probably be available at most schools and colleges, would allow the practical demonstrations of this part of the...
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