Dtlls - Reflective Narrative

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Reflective Narrative
Within this assignment I will be evaluating two lessons I observed within my place of work. I observed a practical and theory lesson one being in my subject area hairdressing and the other being in beauty. I felt that to get the relevant information I required I would observe the sessions for a minimum of 1 hour. I thought it would be good to observe a teachers practice within my subject area so I can reflect on my own teaching and to see if there was anything I could take from the session that would be beneficial.

My first observation was within hairdressing which was a level 1 group. There were 12 female learners all aged 16. Their aim for the session was to develop their skills practice and push for assessments, to then develop their skills for level 2. The room that the learners were in had all the adequate equipment and tools required for them to achieve and perform the tasks set out for them. Each learner had a unit to work at so they all were comfortable, all learners felt safe as the teacher always asked where they were going if they needed something. Functional skills were embedded within the session, literacy was used when learners were communicating with each other regarding the activity they were doing and numeracy was covered when they were explaining the costs and durations for each particular service. Gravells (2008, p. 70) states “Functional skills provide students with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and at work”. ICT was incorporated with the smartboard as learners were able to complete challenges on it and access the VLE to write SMART targets. The learners are allowed to use the computer to resource any additional information they may need, this method donates immediate response and these are great for on-line tests with marking and activities (Gravells, 2007, p.82). The disadvantage of this tool is that it can, at...
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